Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Future Skatepark Hopes to Go Green

I was in Milford, Pennsylvania on Monday, where I happened to meet twins Joe and Sam Kelley, who are attempting to build a skatepark in an otherwise skate-deprived land.  (Trust me.  Last summer we took Sk8terdude to the skatepark in Port Jervis, NY when we were heading to see OlderBrother on Visiting Day at camp.  Let's just say that a few ramps and a fun box in an empty parking lot do not a skatepark make...)

The Kelleys have begged and borrowed their way to most of what they need for this park, including land (thanks to a family member).  They hope to bring the Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! motto to skateboarding (and hope to keep the project light on the wallet) and to that end they are searching high and low for skateparks who are replacing equipment so that they can refurbish and reuse old ramps, etc. rather than purchase everything new.

According to the young men, the most critical missing piece is Skatelite or alternative products with which they can resurface the donated items.

So...if you or someone you know is retiring anything they could use, and if you are located even remotely in this part of the county (recently they drove to Indiana to haul away ramps), give them a holler.

And be sure to tell them Sk8terdude (or his mom) sent you.

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