Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Board Slides and Big Strides

Sk8terdude is picking up new skills faster than I can pick up the new terminology!

Today he came home from the skatepark and announced that he had "homework."  He needs to practice his boardslides (a new addition to his repertoire) and he needs to practice "pushing switch."

For those of you who don't speak skateboard, a boardslide means he is olleying - jumping his board up onto a rail - and sliding along the rail on the bottom of the skateboard deck with the sets of wheels on either side.  "Switch" means that he is skating with his opposite foot forward.  Usually he skates with his left foot forward and uses his right to push on the ground.  When he skates "switch" he is skating "goofy" with his right foot forward.  When he is "pushing switch" he has his right foot forward and he's using his left foot to push on the ground to gain momentum.

He also dropped in switch today on the two-foot quarterpipe.

Watching skateboarding on television recently (I think it was the Streetleague Seattle competition, but I'm not positive), I heard a commentator say that soon we won't be referring to switch tricks.  They predict that in the near future all pro skaters will be able to skate their tricks in both directions.

Or something like that.

As I mentioned, I'm having enough trouble keeping up with the big strides Sk8terdude is making as a skateboarder.  Also keeping up with advancements in the field might be more than I can handle...

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