Monday, July 18, 2011

Future Skatepark....continued

Remember my post from May about the two guys building a skatepark in the woods in Milford, Pennsylvania (if not, you can read it here)...  This past weekend we were in Milford, so I dropped them an email asking for an update.

Joe wrote back to say that they are moving along, and he sent me this link so that we could see the progress.  It's pretty amazing, isn't it?  When they originally told me they were building it in the woods, I didn't quite realize that they really meant IN THE WOODS!  And no joke about the bears in the area.  Sk8terdude and OlderBrother go to overnight camp nearby and we've seen bears on the camp property.

We were glad to hear and see the progress, but Sk8terdude was bummed that nothing is ready to skate...yet.  So, Kelley Bros:  we're ready when you are!

(Don't forget - the guys are still looking for donations of old equipment they can salvage for the skating surface.  Let them know if you have any leads.)

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