Friday, February 25, 2011

Greenside Parent Lounge - part 1

And we've arrived at Greenside Skatepark...after a quick detour to Mystic Aquarium yesterday.  Our hotel is located next door to the park, and whether it's by coincidence or by design, we can actually see Greenside from our room.

The good news about Greenside (for me) is that this might be the nicest parent lounge I've ever seen, although this picture doesn't quite do it justice.  My only complaint is that there are no electrical outlets running along the bank of windows, so I'm tethered to the wall at one end of the room and the only other parent here is stuck at the other end.  If there were more of us, we'd be fighting for space to plug in our laptops!

The long bank of floor-to-ceiling windows, left, overlooks the skatepark, which is visible almost in its entirety.  Sk8terdude is in a two-hour skate clinic, along with a handful of other boys and one girl.  The advance team from Element is here setting up for the Make It Count competition tomorrow.

I'm going to try to get some work done but will check in later...

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  1. VERY COOL! The parks have come a looong way since I was a kid.. Oh wait.. we just built wood ramps and hopped off curbs. LOL!