Sunday, August 7, 2011

Virtual Parent Lounge

Sk8terdad and I have been in a virtual parent lounge for the last few weeks and we've been - well - lounging around.  Sk8terdude and OlderBrother are both at sleepaway camp, so we've been keeping an eye on them via the internet, where camp photos are posted each day for our viewing pleasure.

It's a parent lounge of a different sort...and we couldn't be enjoying it more if we tried.  For starters, I'm sure I haven't stepped foot in the kitchen since the boys left.  And if either of the boys has a rough moment - trouble with a friend, a minor injury, etc. - by the time we know about it, typically it has long since been resolved, since they are not the most prolific letter writers and "news" tends to arrive about a week after it happens.  And although the camp allows them to email home once a week, OlderBrother has only availed himself of the opportunity two or three times since the end of June, and Sk8terdude claims to have sent two emails, neither of which actually arrived in my inbox (he probably typed the address wrong).

We do know that Sk8terdude switched out his deck on the first day, after his luggage spent an hour or so sitting out in the rain while they assigned bunks.  He claims the grip tape was ruined.  Hmmm....and apparently his old deck is now hanging up in the skate shack for decoration.

The camp does have a small skate park, which is where OlderBrother originally learned to skate.  And any day now we expect to see photos from the annual camp skate competition.  We won't be at all surprised if Sk8terdude is the camp skate counselor some day.  In the meantime, we couldn't be happier lounging at home, watching the two of them enjoy their summer.

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