Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ready, Set, Skate!

Missed me?

Between rainy days, end-of-school-year commitments, and two out-of-town weekends in a row, we've had a slow stretch in terms of skateboarding.  But yesterday was anything but slow.  The long-awaited competition at S.P.I.R.I.T. finally arrived!

Eager to help out, Sk8terdude and I were there early as volunteers.  He moved tables (okay, he HELPED move tables), squeegeed the standing water in the park, and stayed out of trouble while I helped set up the registration table.  Although the day started out gloomy and gray, by the time we had everything ready to go, the clouds were clearing.  I was thankful I had packed sunscreen in the car - and I was wishing I had also packed bugspray.  (Thanks, Linda, for bringing some with you for me to use!)

Like every other competition we've ever been to, this one failed to start on time...since the guy from 2nd Nature Skate Shop had a birthday party to run in Rye and he was behind schedule.  (Which is pretty ironic, considering our experience a few weeks ago, when the SAME guy failed to show up at all for our friend's son's birthday party.  You can read about that here.)  Eventually, the guys at S.P.I.R.I.T. decided to start without 2nd Nature and the competition was underway (and eventually he did show up).

Three hours later, Sk8terdude was the proud winner of a tee-shirt, some stickers, a 2nd Nature DVD, and a pass good for a visit to the new indoor skatepark 2nd Nature just opened in Peekskill, having taken third place in his division.  (Yes, I have video of his two competition runs.  And, no, I'm not posting the video here.  I forgot that if I was taping I had to keep quiet!  But family and friends can email me if they want to see it....)

Tomorrow the skateboarding really ramps up (hah!).  Sk8terdude will be in ramp camp for a week.  The following week he'll be volunteer staff at the pee-wee camp (for kids ages 4-7).  He is SO excited about the opportunity to teach - not to mention the staff tee shirt!  The week after that he has another five days of ramp camp...and then there's a week of sports camp before he heads to overnight camp for a month.

While he gears up for three straight weeks of skateboarding, I'm gearing up to be his driver.  Back and forth to the skatepark...with the price of gas these days, I'm glad it's only five miles away!

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