Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Cost of Doing Business...

Sk8terdude was planning a return visit to Eastern Pulse, but a random spin of his skateboard wheels as we got into the car yesterday afternoon turned the weekend into an unexpected shopping trip - or trips.  As the wheels spun there was a definite sound-that-doesn't-belong moment...which raised an "uh-oh" from him and a groan from Sk8terdad, who was already picturing the damage to our wallets.

They started shopping - or trying to shop - at Ridgefield Ski and Sport, the lesser offspring of New Canaan Ski and Sport.  (Think I'm kidding?  The Ridgefield branch doesn't even get it's own website!).  Despite the hours posted online and on the front door, which promised they'd be open Saturdays from 10-6, the two Sk8termen found the lights off and the doors locked at 3:00 p.m....and Sk8terdude was NOT happy!

So, today, instead of a trip to Milford, Sk8terdude and Sk8terdad headed south to Utopia Skate Shop in Norwalk, Connecticut.  One skateboard checkup later, and Sk8terdad found himself paying $58 for new bearings, bushings, and wheels, including installation, with a warning that new trucks would be needed before the end of this season.  (Okay, technically he paid less, since we had a credit on our account, but that's what it would have been without the discount.)

Sk8terdude thinks the new wheels are "cool looking," and he sent me a photo to prove his point.  Should I be concerned that they're named Revolution Acid Trip wheels???

Or should I be more concerned that I actually think they're "cool looking," too?

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